Dhrupad Workshop with Inoue Sou – January 9th -10th

Indian musical system has two central axes; Rāga and Tāla. The rāgas are melodic modes from which music develops. Each rāga uses a specific set of musical notes and the way these notes relate to each other define the character and essence of each particular rāga. Traditionally, each rāga is associated an specific time of the day, season or a certain emotion –rasa-.

The other main axis and essential for indian is its rhythmic system; the Tāla. This has evolved over thousands of years and is considered an art form in itself. Its foundations are the concepts of time and space and sound perception. Tāla system gives much attention to the aspect of composition and improvisation, a broad spectrum of rhythmic, structure and timbral variety.

Dhrupad is the oldest genre of hindustani classical music and its nature is spiritual and go beyond entertainment, creating feelings of peace and contemplation to whom listens attentively.

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore voice and sound, regardless of their technical level and music experience. There will be group and individual lessons. Highly recommended for singers and instrumentalists (not tempered instruments).

Workshop Program

– Theoretical lessons on rāga, tāla and voice culture in dhrupad.

– The natural voice: voice production techniques and their practice.

– Individual lessons with specific needings of each student.

– Listening meditative music session.

– Micro-tuning in rāga music (vocal and not tempered instruments)

– Development of Ālāp.

– Development of rhythm; tāla and laya practice.

– Learning a traditional fixed composition –bandiś– settled in a specific rāga and tāla.

The workshop will be in english with translation into catalan or spanish (only if needed).


Saturday 9th of January 10am to 19pm.

Sunday 10th ofJanuary from 8am to 14pm.

Sunday morning we will do lower notes practice meditation called Kharaj and for this reason – and also because we will finish at 14pm- we will start very early.

Enrollment Fees

– Full weekend: 135€ * (offer registration before december 15th).

– After december 15th: 150€.

– One single day (saturday): 75€ * (offer registration before december 15th).

– After december 15th: 85€

* This offer is also available for students, pensioners and unemployed people.

For reservations and more info please kindly email to sangitarasika@gmail.com (Eulàlia). Reservation is needed by a 50% of the fee non-refundable deposit.


Sala Armónia Terol, 8 08012 Barcelona Metro L3 Diagonal – Fontana/ L4 Joanic.

Inoue Sou

Born in Japan, he began studying music when he was 6 years old. In Tokyo, he studied flute for sacred music with Saburo Makino japanese teacher and since 1984 he has regularly perform this music in numerous ceremonies. As a soloist, he is performing in Japan and in other countries since 1999.

In 2003 Inoue Sou began his studies in Indian Classical Music with Hiroshi Nakagawa, a bansuri flute master disciple of the famous Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. With a deep will to explore the mysteries of sound in the rāga through ālāp, he traveled to India to study full-time dhrupad singing with the Gundecha Brothers at the Dhrupad Sansthan in Bhopal. (Dhrupad Institute). Since then, Inoue Sou has been offering dhrupad concerts in India, Nepal, Japan and the United States.

Currently lives Kathmandu, where is teaching and singing in jugalbandi (duet) with Vishal Bhattarai. The clarity and precision of his voice along with his way to see music as an spiritual practice transforms his concerts and workshops in a extraordinary experiences of self-knowledge and awareness through sound.

Invited by Aushadhi Yoga School in Madrid (aushadhiyoga.com), who organized Inoue’s first visit to Spain proposing several activities with him in Madrid and surrondings.


Inoue Sou. Ālāp in rāga yaman.

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