Rāga Music

Dhrupad week with Meghana Sardar Kenjale, 26th to 30st March

On this occasion we are welcoming MEGHANA SARDAR KENJALE who is learning vocal music under the guidance of Guru Pandit Uday Bhawalkar since 2005. She has been a visiting artist-in-residence for Salisbury University, Maryland, USA since March 2016. She has been awarded the scholarship from The Ministry of Culture (India) and the National Centre for Preforming Arts. She is a Scholar at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, since 2012. She […]

Dhrupad week with Shivala Morfoisse – September 21st-24th

Shivala … …is a professional musician and an expert in Dhrupad. After over 30 years of training in classical and Indian music, Shivala began to study Dhrupad in 2001 with the Gundecha Brothers, renowned among the best Dhrupad singers. Since 2005, when she graduated from the Dhrupad Institute of Bhopal (created by the Gundecha Brothers), she has been teaching and […]

Gundecha Brothers Dhrupad workshop 2017

7 day intensive dhrupad workshop with the Gundecha Brothers open to all skill levels for vocalists, instrumentalists (string, wind and bowed) and percussionists. Pakhāvaj workshop will focus on rhythm and is for vocalists, instrumentalists and percussionists. Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha will lead the vocal workshop and Akhilesh Gundecha will be teaching pakhāvaj workshop and guiding us […]

Dhrupad meeting with the Gundecha Brothers in Madrid organized by Aushadi Escuela de Yoga.

14th to 17th april 2016 in Madrid, Eva Espeita and Aushadhi School of Yoga are organizing which it is becoming, since last three years, the annual meeting with the dhrupad maestros Gundecha Brothers. (Ramakant and Umakant, vocalists and Akhilesh Gundecha, pakhavaj player). After two years organising intensive seminar with them in Catalunya, Saṅgītarasikā Experiences Musicals will be engaging […]

Dhrupad Workshop with Inoue Sou – January 9th -10th

Indian musical system has two central axes; Rāga and Tāla. The rāgas are melodic modes from which music develops. Each rāga uses a specific set of musical notes and the way these notes relate to each other define the character and essence of each particular rāga. Traditionally, each rāga is associated an specific time of […]