R E S P I R 0 D H R U P A D with Pelva Naik

I am full of  joy to propose this creative dhrupad workshop with Pelva Naik in a very cozy place surrounded by mountains and forests.

The meeting has an approach of creative rest that will take us to feel the present moment. One of the aims is to nourish of our voice taking care of ourselves and everything around us. We will do it of course through music, singing and rhythm as well as using the awareness of nature, silence, listening and respect for the processes that each of us are going through. We will share time and sit around the firecamp. We will invoke the elements and see if any rāga visits us and we will take the opportunity to get to know each other and get closer to that song that is calling us.

Place: El Boix de Vidabona, Sant Martí d’Ogassa, Ripollés, Catalonia.

Price stay €145 includes accommodation and meals. The food will be ovo-lacto (optional) and vegetarian. The bedrooms are shared and you have to bring sheets or a sleeping bag. There are 2 bathrooms in the house.

Price workshop €190

To make the reservation:

STEP 1 make the payment of €145 through PayPal in the sangitarasika@gmail.com account

The rest would be paid in cash on Friday 3rd before the start of the workshop.

STEP 2 kindly write a confirmation email to sangitarasika@gmail.com indicating from where you come and whether if you will bring your own car or come by train to Ripoll. David, Adriana or myself, Eulalia, will pick you up at the station and return you there on Monday the 6th.

Day 3 will be to arrive at the house and land ourselves. The workshop will start at 5pm in the afternoon but there is the possibility of arriving at the house from 2 pm to settle calmly in the bedrooms and get to know the surroundings. On the 6th we will close with the midday meal around 3 or 4pm.
The schedule of the days will be as follows: a session before breakfast to practice the low notes, another after breakfast until just before lunch, and an afternoon session. It may be that one day we will also do a session after dinner.
The workshop will be in English with translation if needed and is open to all levels. To get to the house you can do it by car or by train to Ripoll. There is the option to organize among the participants to share cars.


Morning Riyāz with Pelva Naik





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