Gundecha Brothers Barcelona Dhrupad Workshop 2015

We are pleased to offer 7 day intensive Dhrupad workshop with the Gundecha Brothers open to all skill levels for vocalists, instrumentalists (string, wind and bowed) and percussionists. The pakhāvaj workshop will focus on rhythm and is for vocalists, instrumentalists and percussionists.

This time, Umakant Gundecha will lead the workshop. Akhilesh Gundecha will be there during 3-4 days for pakhāvaj workshop.

The schedule will consist of group and individual classes, kharaj practice, yoga and prānāyāma sessions, musical lectures, Q & A, walking, recreation and collaborative groups for everyday tasks. (Approximate workshop schedule is given below.) Content includes:

  • Lecture on Rāga and Voice in Indian music
  • Voice Techniques in Dhrupad and its practice
  • Addressing musical problems of each student individually
  • Ālāp in the chosen rāga
  • Tāla practice- Composition in any rāga

Dates: 1st to 7th June
Venue: Cal Paradet, Maians, Castellfollit del Boix. About 40 minutes by car from Barcelona. (Public transport is available.)
Prices (includes teachings and full room and board):

650€ full week
300€ 3 full days (either pakhavaj workshop or singing and instrumental workshop)
250€ week end (2 full days)

For booking and further information please reply to


Cal Paradet is a cozy XVII century perfectly preserved farmhouse located in the heart of Catalonia, between Igualada and Manresa, 60km from Barcelona.

The house is situated on a hill, surrounded by gardens, Mediterranean pine forest, almond trees and plantations of wheat. Internet access is available; there is a spacious barbecue area and swimming pool. Full room and board is arranged at the venue in Cal Paradet. Meals will be vegetarian. Shared dormitories will be provided to the participants.

For more information about Dhrupad, Gundecha Brothers and Dhrupad Sansthan Bhopal please visit

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(Before sunrise) Kharaj (early morning lower notes practice)
Preparing Breakfast (kitchen group)
Time for personal practices such as yoga, meditation, prānāyāma, walking meditation, etc.
Group class & Lecture
Preparing lunch (kitchen group)
Individual classes
Siesta and relaxing time
Group class & Lecture or Tāla class
Preparing dinner (kitchen group)
Individual classes
Sharing and discussion time